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The “GRAB” brand represents a fast-food retailer and delivery service that are crazy about food and feeding people. We are excited to be among the Brands to provide for this essential service. We hope to be a clear alternative for fresh fast and well-prepared meals. 

The Grab steak and Fritz brand consist of retail stores, online ordering with a strong chain of fast delivery suppliers making up our “online market”. The Grab brand is dedicated to “customer service” Price, quality, convenience


Happy customers

“Fantastic fish that was extremely fresh. Everything we ordered was very good and we even indulged in 3 desserts.”
Josie rizal
“Amazing food. Lovely service. Best to make a reservation. Enjoy!!!”
rachel springer
The food is really very tasty – the wagyu sushi on the dinner menu is especially delicious and not to be missed!
fabien smith



grab steak and frites

179 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T 1L9